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        Hot keywords:
        Crowns and crowns
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        Four advantages of the people's crown,let you choose no worry!!
        Scale, one-stop service
        Meet the requirements of your various industry specifications for the purchase of die-casting parts
        Excellent technology
        and advanced equipment
        Alloy die casting industry, years of experience
        Regulation, delivery
        on time
        More humanized to meet your different procurement methods
        Quality certification,
        high quality after sale
        Dispose of your worries
        About us

        Dongguan citizen crown Hardware Co., Ltd.

        Dongguan City crown Hardware Products Co. Ltd. is the predecessor of Shenzhen Zhongyu Hardware Products Co. Ltd., founded in 2010 in Shenzhen, Longhua, after 2 years of business development, combined with the needs of business development, in 2012 officially changed its name to Shenzhen Tongchuang Lida Co. ltd.. In order to meet the needs of different business sectors at home and abroad, in 2016 the company registered in Shenzhen branch established "Minchuang hardware products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd."...

        About us Enterprise concept Organization structure

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        Company news
        • Classification and properties of die-...Classification and properties of die-casting aluminum alloy Die casting aluminum alloy has good performance and process performance. Therefore, aluminum alloy die casting is dev...
        Industry news
        • Basic procedures and steps of die pol...Basic procedures and steps of die polishing 1. First of all, we must ensure that the tools are complete Polishing tools and accessories such as oil stone, sand paper and diamon...
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        Person:Mr. Chen  Mobile:86+13422883517  Tel:86-0769-82236185
        Address:No. 188 Sha Yi Road, Sha Bu Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China 102 C
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